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Your college choice is a career choice and therefore very important!

A college degree is meant to be four (4) years and yet on average is 5.3 years! If you can choose something you are good at and like, you will finish in four (4) years and save 25%+ on the cost and debt of the average graduate. We help with that!

Determining if you are eligible for Need based Financial Aid is one of the things we do and we can optimize your situation to generate the most optimal need based financial aid package possible BUT in some cases you will not be eligible for ANY need based financial aid and that is when we show you how to find colleges that have scholarships for your student!

Schedule a complimentary meeting with Eric and let's start the planning process for your student. You will leave the meeting with your Expected Family Contribution (EFC) towards the cost of College, a better understanding of the College selection process and if you bring along four (4) Colleges you are investigating, you will receive a report showing you what your cost will be for each Schedule an Appointment.
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