Attorney Student Loans


As an attorney you have worked hard to get where you are today! You have completed an undergraduate degree and have competed successfully to get into Law School and worked very hard to come out the other end as an Attorney! And now that you are out the other end, you have found out that it is not all roses and that you have brought along the following College problem i.e. STUDENT LOAN DEBT!

Only 15% of higher education students are in GRADUATE programs yet they account for 40% of federal student loans issued each year! i.e. $37,000,000,000 per year1

The average Law School debt, that includes undergraduate degree, is $145,5502

94% of law school graduates have a median debt larger than their income and the median debt to income ratio is 1.86

These statistics make attorneys prime candidates for Income Driven Repayment plans.

90% of borrowers graduating with six-figure student loan debt are graduate students NOT undergraduate students.3

Here are some questions to ask yourself…


  • Are your Federal student loans larger than your income?
  • Do you feel overwhelmed by your monthly student loan payments?
  • Do you feel that you can’t move forward with your life because of the amount of student debt hanging over you?
  • Are your plans for a home and family on hold because of student loan debt?
  • Do you feel that you will NEVER be able to pay your student loans off?
  • Do you feel panicked / frustrated that here is no solution to your student loan problem?

Then you have come to the right place!

We can assess what is the right plan for you based on your current situation and what your Short, Medium and Long Term goals are. We can usually show you ways to significantly reduce your monthly repayment amount and maximize the amount of debt forgiveness you can achieve.

Book an appointment with me and lets see if we can help you get on track with your life and find solutions to reduce your student loan stress and provide a path to student loan completion.

Eric McGinley is a Board Certified, Student Loan Professional (CSLP).

ServicesStudent Loan Meeting (refunded if SLAI purchased)Student Loan Analysis & Implementation (SLAI)Couple Loan Analysis & ImplementationRecertification RetainerLoan Consult (30m)
Student Loans Data AnalysisYYY
Meeting to Discuss Student Loan DataYYY
Education on the Different Federal Loan Plans AvailableYY
Calculation of Accumulated Debt per Loan Plan TypeYY
Calculation of Student Loan Forgiveness AmountYY
Loan Plan ComparisonYYY
Student Loan StrategyYY
Student Loan ReportYY
Monitor Recertification DateYYY
PSLF Employer Recertification AssistanceY (if applicable)Y (if applicable)Y (if applicable)
Advocate with Loan ServicerYYY
Assist in completing all paperworkYYY
Assist with Loan deadlinesYYY
Assist with Annual RecertificationYYY
Assist with Loan Servicer requirementsYYY

Student Loan Analysis and Implementation:  For a single borrower who wants the surety of knowing that their plan will be implemented by an expert, so that any issues that arise will be dealt with correctly.
Couple Loan Analysis and Implementation:
For a couple who have both got student loans who wants the surety of knowing that their plan will be implemented by an expert, so that any issues that arise will be dealt with correctly.
Recertification Retainer:
For anyone who wants to make sure that all deadlines are met and that the plan is progressing as it should. This plan can only be purchased if an Analysis and Implementation package is purchased first.


  2. Sources: National Center for Education Statistics
  3. National Postsecondary Student Aid Study