Do you have student loan debt that is greater than your income? If so, do you have a strategy to minimize your payment and maximize your forgiveness?

Do you feel like your student loan debt is reducing your ability to enjoy your life? Would you like a Certified Student Loan Professional to help reduce your repayment amount and deliver a strategy that puts you on the path towards loan forgiveness?

Student Loan Forgiveness Service

Post Graduates usually have the largest student loan debt: physicians, dentists, pharmacists and physical therapists. The average medical student graduate owes $250,995.
We develop a personalized strategy utilizing taxes, retirement and cashflow management to minimize your payments and maximize your forgiveness.

Parent PLUS Loan Service

3.7 million families have Parent PLUS loans. Many parents spend more years paying off their Parent PLUS loans than the years they spent living with and raising the child whose education their loan supported.
Come and sign up for the PPSL Minimization strategy to reduce how much you pay for your Parent PLUS loans.

Learn About PPSL Minimization

Student Loan Services and Pricing

ServicesStudent Loan Meeting (30m - refunded if SLAI or PPLAI purchased)Student Loan Analysis & Implementation (SLAI)Parent PLUS Loan Analysis & Implementation (PPLAI)
Student Loans Data AnalysisYY
Meeting to Discuss Student Loan DataYYY
Education on the Different Federal Loan Plans AvailableYY
Calculation of Accumulated Debt per Loan Plan TypeYY
Calculation of Student Loan Forgiveness AmountYY
Loan Plan ComparisonYY
Student Loan StrategyYY
Student Loan ReportYY
Monitor Recertification DateYY
PSLF Employer Recertification AssistanceY (if applicable)
Advocate with Loan ServicerY
Assist in completing all paperworkY
Assist with Loan deadlinesY
Assist with Annual RecertificationY
Assist with Loan Servicer requirementsY
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