We help you navigate the 2nd largest financial decision you will make in your lifetime and produce a strategy so that you can find a College that is a good fit for your student at a price the family can afford.

We provide 3 services: Positioning, Funding and Concierge

The Concierge service combines all the services described in Student Positioning followed by all the services described in College Funding

Student Positioning Service

The Student Positioning Service focuses on the college search and admissions side for college-bound high school students and their parent(s).
We use a team approach engaging the student and parent to successfully navigate the complexities of the college planning process.

College Funding Service

The College Funding Service focuses on the money side for college-bound high school students and their parent(s).
We work with you to come up with a strategy to fund your student’s college education, maximizing Government and College aid, incorporating money already saved and if there is a College cost gap, how to use student loans to optimally fill it.

College Planning Pricing

Provide a complete career search processYY
College search and student positioning session with counselorYY
College Planning Professional team available through the process.YY
Own personal website available to youYY
Provide a “College Checklist” containing what will be done and when, along with anticipated completion dates for all steps in the process.YY
“To Do” reminders throughout the process.YY
Admissions Application Bootcamp - Live sessions to walk you through college applications with email support between sessions.YY
Support in completing the FAFSA.YY
Support in completing the CSS ProfileYY
Support in completing any other institutional financial aid forms.YY
Provide recommendations to reduce your SAI when applicable.YY
Provide additional schools that provide scholarshipsYY
Provide Student Loan education and guidance.YY
Provide strategy to fund CollegeYY
Provide cashflow projections over the four years of College.YY
Going over award offers, appeals, loans and accepting your award offer.YY
Provide access to find scholarships matched to your profile and searchable by keywords.YY
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Additional / Optional Services

College Student Loan Education and Strategy (30 minutes)$100Start
Consulting (per hour)$200Start
Awards Analysis, Appeal Preparation and Support$500Start
Industry-leading SAT/ACT prep with online scheduler to create a study plan.$410Start
Essay sessions and support in topic generation and edits for primary essay & supplements.$500Start