Data Verificatio

Parents complete Data Verification with one of our financial aid experts to share and verify the accuracy of all financial data to be used on all financial aid applications.

Financial & Merit Aid

We assist in the completion of the FAFSA and CSS Profile forms to determine what the family is expected to pay for the student’s College education and what they are likely to receive in the form of grants.

Other Scholarships

Provides unlimited access to an extensive collection of scholarship opportunities. The family’s personalized portal provides an organized way to search by keyword, organize opportunities and apply. Students save time by targeting scholarships unique to their talents and specific criteria. Scholarships are researched and updated regularly to ensure maximum access to all education dollars available to you.

Student Funding and loanL

College Loan Strategy

A Certified Student Loan Professional (CSLP®) will educate you on the types of loans available to fill in any gaps you might have between the money saved and the cost of admission. They will help develop a strategy to minimize the repayment amount and maximize the amount forgiven.

Cashflow Strategy and Data Tracking

A cashflow strategy will be developed on how to pay the cost of College and a Cashflow report will be produced that will show the costs and payments over each of the 4 years of College.
You will also be able to keep track of your various school and financial aid applications. You will be able to easily keep track of the status of your applications and manage deadlines.

Award Letters Analysis

Award letters are uploaded into the portal for tracking and analysis. Each award letter is compared to the college’s historical averages for need aid and merit scholarships. Families create a comparison report to determine their net costs per year with and without student loans and make their final decisions.

Appeal Support

The award analysis shows when it is appropriate to appeal a college’s offer. When an appeal is deemed appropriate, we will consult with the parents on the type and timing of the appeal, the college’s appeal process, and draft an appeal letter for the family to submit to the college.