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So, you’re an athlete! Congratulations! To get to this stage you have shown great discipline and focus as both an athlete AND a student! Please try to remember that being an athlete and playing at college level and maybe also internationally is awesome but at some time in your future you will have to retire and that a new and much longer phase of your life will start i.e. your career. So, it should be part of your consideration (and a big part) as you determine which schools to apply for! Just because a coach is interested in you doesn't mean that it is necessarily the best decision for you.

Division 1 colleges, except Ivies, will provide part scholarships to come to their school and play, though according to the National Collegiate Athletics Association (NCAA), only about 2% of high school students earn athletic scholarships for college. To offset this number and while tough to quantify, studies have claimed that athletes are up to four times more likely to be accepted at Ivy League schools than their non-athlete counterparts. To quantify this edge, individuals recruited by coaches at top-tier schools typically scored 200 points lower on the SAT than the average admitted applicant. One key fact—roughly 40% of spots in any given class are reserved for so-called “hooked” candidates—primarily those who are legacies or recruited athletes at prestigious colleges.

We can help you see what colleges have your sport, if they give scholarships and how much. We can also help you determine what you are going to do for the rest of the year i.e. your major which is based on your abilities and your interests. We will also show you the cost of the colleges that you are interested in and recommend colleges that are affordable and that will not be a drain financially and load you up with debt!

Schedule a complimentary meeting with Eric and let's start the planning process for your student. You will leave the meeting with your Expected Family Contribution (EFC) towards the cost of College, a better understanding of the College selection process and if you bring along four (4) Colleges you are investigating, you will receive a report showing you what your cost will be for each Schedule time with a College Funding Specialist